Monday, 9 June 2014

Bye Blogger

In case you haven't figured I'm moving the blog to a different place just because the structure of this blog has been annoying me. It's all set up and ready to go so pop over there and see the new layout It'll obviously change over time and hopefully have a review of Katy Perry's concert, even though I didn't get tickets... ahh well.
Who knows I might come back to blogger and for the first while I have lots of links back to this website just because there isn't any content on there at the moment.
Bye Blogger!

- Milly

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Snapshot: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis but I find some of their songs, particularly the last three in this list  way over played. All of the songs have meaning a unique quality and you can tell that they've all been thought about. Unlike so many songs these days. They're about something real.

Same Love

Thin Line


White Walls

Can't Hold Us

Thrift Shop

- Milly

Friday, 6 June 2014

This Week's Top Six

So I found some new music yesterday but none of it has really stuck with me so far. I'll keep looking. I've also got a post coming up on some music my friend recommended to me and I'll keep doing that over the next few days. Progress with the new site is good! I could probably lauch it now but I don't think it's quite the right time plus I haven't really made sense of it in my head yet. Here is my top six for this week!

6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thin Line

5. The Rolling Stones - Angie

4. Half Moon Run - Call Me In The Afternoon

3. London Grammar - Sights

2. Benny Tipene - Lonely

1. Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are

I forgot to mention by current musical activities. I was supposed to go to an audition for an awesome songwriting development programme yesterday but it just became to difficult to organise which is annoying and frankly quite disappointing. This always happens to me! Last night we had Music Fest which my choir performed at in our lead up to Big Sing next Thursday! We've been invited to perform at the gala performance again this year which is exciting. In music I'm getting along with my composition. I tried solo performance and it was terrible so I'm not doing that but I am doing instrumentation which is easy and interesting. Although I tried to make my instrumentation more interesting than just a string quartet and my teacher basically told me just to make it boring. Great. Bye!

- Milly

Thursday, 5 June 2014

New Music

Progress with the new website is going well. I'm not quite sure if I'm going to repost everything on there, just link bad to here or start new but it's all very exciting. Here's some music I've been exploring at the moment.

Klingande - Jubel

Lana Del Ray - West Coast

Twin Atlantic - Heart & Soul

Arctic Monkeys -  Snap Out Of It

The Kooks - All Over Town

Ella Henderson - Ghost

Usher - Good Kisser

- Milly

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New Zealand Concert Tracker

Katy Perry is coming to New Zealand! Fantastic news after One Direction decided to ignore us. Considering the California Dreams Tour was  my first concert and she's performing on my mum's birthday I'm a little bit really excited. Although I don't have tickets yet. Deep breaths everyone.

Here is the latest update of acts coming to New Zealand over the next little while...

Ellie Goulding - 3 days
Vector Arena
7th June

Katchafire & Kora - 51 days
The Power Station
25th July

I Am Giant - 59 days
The Power Station
2nd August

Biffy Clyro - 90 days
The Power Station
2nd September

Justin Timberlake - 130 days
Vector Arena
12th, 13th, 15th October

Aloe Black - 139 days
Town Hall
21st October

The Rolling Stones - 171 days
Mt Smart Stadium
22nd November

Katy Perry - 198 days
Vector Arena
19th, 20th December

Passenger - 240 days
The Civic
30th January 2015

- Milly

Friday, 30 May 2014

This Week's Top 6

I have been sooo slack! I'm beginning to develop a new look for the blog which may or may not happen so hopefully it'll inspire me to not be so slack. Over the next week I'm entering two songwriting 'competitions'. One is a competition and one is a development programme which I really really really want to get into buuuuuut.... yeah. This week's top six is more of a music on my mind sorry. I only have nokia headphones and they don't work with my phone so music listening has been difficult and I never properly this to the radio anymore. It's just background noise.

Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are
Benny Tipene - Lonely
London Grammar - Sights
London Grammar - Metal and Dust
Halfmoon Run - Full Circle

- Milly

My Music Moment: Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are

Don't Forget Who You Are is the name on Miles Kane's album and single. It's just a really cool album including the song to your left and 'Taking Over' which I'm sure has been featured in Top 6 a few times. It's nice to be listening to some new music at the moment. 

I would like to start a series that gives information on some bands because at the moment I listen to an album on repeat but I know nothing about the band itself. I also got a $50 voucher on my birthday to buy some new albums which is exciting. The collection has begun!

- Milly